How individuals support HIFA

Personal donations

Personal donations currently account for more than one-fifth of HIFA’s total income. We are grateful to all those who have made anonymous donations, and to the following individuals who have agreed to be recognised here (dates of donations in brackets):

Lorna Brunskill (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015)
Brigid Avison and David Cannell (2014, 2015)
Deborah Jackson (2014, 2015)
Julie N Reza (2010, 2014)
Justus Krabshuis (2011, 2012, 2013)
Anne Radl (2013)
Pamela and Paul Sieving (2013)
Bryan Pearson (2013, 2015)
Raanan Gillon (2012)
Janet Martin (2012)
Anne Prost (2012)
Sue Corbett (2011)
Robert Hughes (2011)
Dan Mayer (2011)
Wendie Norris (2011)
Barbara Stancliffe (2010)
Matt Stancliffe Bird (2010)

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Donations are payable to the Global Healthcare Information Network, the non-profit organisation that administers HIFA. Your donation will be used directly to support HIFA activities. If you would like your donation to be used for a specific aspect of HIFA, please let us know.

People who make personal donations (of any amount) may choose to (a) have their names included on our public list of personal donors, or (b) remain anonymous.

Please contact us if you require further information or if you would like to participate in an activity to help raise awareness and money for HIFA2015.

Hiking for HIFA2015

Jules Gale walking for HIFA2015HIFA supporter Jules Gale completed a sponsored walk of 60 kilometres (37 miles) across the South Downs, UK, including 930 metres of ascent. She achieved the feat in 11 hours 56 minutes. Congratulations and huge thanks to Jules and her sponsors, who have raised £350.

One-third of our income comes from personal donations. Please support our work and help us to create a world where people are no longer dying for lack of knowledge.


“I support the HIFA2015 Campaign and urge others to do the same.”
Dr Tikki Pang, Director of Research Policy and Cooperation, World Health OrganizationLetter of Support

Country Representatives

HIFA Country Representatives are volunteers who are committed to help achieve the HIFA vision in their country. They are critically important in (1) raising awareness about the importance of access to healthcare knowledge, and (2) engaging new members in their country to join HIFA.


The HIFA campaign is facilitated on a voluntary basis by the HIFA Steering Group, with expert advice from the HIFA Advisory Panel.

With only one full-time staff member, HIFA relies on the hard work and good will of many volunteers. Special thanks to our webmaster and website consultant Arjun Thandi of Evucan Web Solutions; to Nick Mifsud, Jeff van Campen and Mike Jackson for previous help with website design and development; and to Nadia Hussein who designed the HIFA2015 logo.

Thanks also to: Stephen Allen, Andrew Clarke, Olly Jeffreys, Gareth Lewis, Tony Waterston and Gonca Yilmaz (CHILD2015); James Bennett (HIFA-Watch and admin support), Ibrahima Bob (HIFA in Africa by 2015; French translation), Edwin Cabrera (Spanish translation), Maria Campbell (marketing, fundraising and PR), Jade Cassidy (French, German and Spanish translation), Clare Chandler (editorial), Pranab Chatterjee (advocacy), Siddhartha Datta (editorial), Adrian Dharmachandran (admin support), Judith Dodd (admin support), Nigel Earley, Author IT Ltd. (IT, publishing and telecommunications), John Eyers (literature search), Judith Haynes (admin support), Deborah Jackson (Coordinator, HIFA Country Representatives), Vanessa Jessop (HIFA2015 Updates), Zaynab Lambat (editorial), Michael Murphy (editorial), Guy Norman (Spanish translation), Alison Offer (admin support), Onikepe Owolabi HIFA Intern, WHO Maternal and Newborn Health Project, 2011-present, Lucy Parker (admin support), Denise Pimenta (Portuguese translation), Julie N Reza (HIFA2015 Updates), Keith Rigley (publications), Karen Shashok (Spanish translation), Emma Shillam, Nick Stepney (admin support), Daniel Stern (new member recruitment), Lisa Stern (new member recruitment), Nancy Whitfield (admin support), and Kate Whittaker (HIFA2015 Knowledge Base).

With your help, we will achieve the HIFA vision: a world where people are no longer dying for lack of knowledge.

Thank you for your support.

Dr Neil Pakenham-Walsh, Coordinator
On behalf of the Global Healthcare Information Network and the HIFA Steering Group.

“Working with HIFA is an opportunity to engage in very stimulating discussions on health needs in the developing world with a variety of practitioners at different levels. The opinions are sincere, arguments extremely interesting and I’ve had the opportunity to analyse these conversations in qualitative research to inform a WHO new policy guideline. I’m enjoying the ongoing challenge of seeing how we can disseminate necessary information to every level of health worker, and using the meat of our conversations as evidence to inform policy”
Onikepe Owolabi, HIFA Intern and PhD candidate, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK, November 2012

“My experience with HIFA has been totally amazing. I have had the opportunity to lead a dynamic multinational and multidisciplinary team of about 30 to stimulate discussions that identify the health information needs of mothers, citizens and families especially in low resource settings. Ranging from breastfeeding options for mothers with HIV, hand hygiene practices and myths about contraceptive use to diarrhoea management and irrational use of antibiotics, the discussions have been eye opening, undiluted and have provided an opportunity to learn. I look forward to continuing to lead this team as we explore options to further encourage participation and possibly extract useful lumps of information for analysis.”
Oluwatosin (Tosin) Ogunmoyero, HIFA 2012 Coordinator, Intern, World Health Organization, Geneva, November 2012