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“I am delighted to say that our conference poster on ‘Strengthening healthcare knowledge exchange ties between Scotland and Zambia’ was selected for display at this year’s NHSScotland Event, which is Scotland’s annual health services conference.”
Jo Vallis, NHS Scotland, May 2014

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HIFA-Zambia was launched on 5 May 2011, at the Zambia-UK Health Workforce Alliance annual meeting at the British Medical Association, London, UK.

HIFA-Zambia is the only global e-mail forum on health issues in Zambia.  It aims to raise awareness and share best practice on health issues and initiatives in Zambia. The intended audience of HIFA-Zambia are all individuals, from anywhere around the world, who work and/or contribute to and/or are interested in health issues and initiatives in Zambia.

Why HIFA-Zambia?

We need HIFA-Zambia for at least 3 reasons:

1. There is no alternative global e-mail forum on health in Zambia. An e-mail forum is a cost-effective way of increasing awareness of health policy in Zambia, enabling dialogue and the sharing of best practice.  It is also expected to add value to face-to-face meetings or conferences on Zambian health issues in Zambia and around the world.

2. The member organisations of the Zambia-UK Health Workforce Alliance and other organisations working on health in Zambia, have repeatedly expressed the need for a communications platform to discuss and raise awareness of health issues and initiatives in Zambia in order to increase effectiveness and efficiency.

3. HIFA2015 is a global-level network and based on some of the forum’s discussions and topics, have identified that there is increasing demand to explore more in-depth networking of this type at a country level.

Also, in line with the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness and the Accra Agenda for Action, the diversity and large number of health initiatives in Zambia supported by bilateral, multilateral, national Civil Society Organisations or International NGOs, creates need for coordination and harmonising in order to facilitate the accountability of all those involved on health in Zambia.

HIFA-Zambia aims to bring together all organisations and individuals worldwide with an interest in health in Zambia.

How does it work?

HIFA-Zambia is administered jointly by the Zambia-UK Health Workforce Alliance and the Global Healthcare Information Network/HIFA2015. HIFA-Zambia and HIFA2015 work in the following ways:

1. HIFA-Zambia contributes to efforts to raise awareness on health issues and initiatives in Zambia, in line with the Zambia UK Health Workforce Alliance’s vision, as well as contributing towards the HIFA2015 goal of health information for all by 2015.

2. HIFA-Zambia and HIFA2015 share a common methodology (Reader-Focused Moderation) and email platform (Dgroups)

3. The co-moderator of HIFA-Zambia, Vanessa Halipi, liaises with the moderators of other HIFA Global Networks: HIFA2015, CHILD2015, HIFA-Portuguese and HIFA-EVIPNet.

4. HIFA-Zambia is facilitated by the HIFA-Zambia Working Group in parallel (and linking) with the existing HIFA2015 Steering Group.

5. HIFA-Zambia has its own email discussion platform, supported by the Dgroups Partnership.

HIFA-Zambia members

HIFA-Zambia currently has more than 300 members in 23 countries (click on the graphic below to enlarge – the size of each circle represents the number of members in each country):

HIFA-Zambia discussions

Here is a list of some of the topics we have discussed on HIFA-Zambia:

  • Advice on breastfeeding for mothers with HIV
  • Alcohol and drug abuse in Zambia
  • Breastfeeding and multinationals
  • Comprehension Among Clients of Male Circumcision
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
  • Cultural influences on research and collaboration
  • e-Learning and dongles
  • e-Learning for nurses in Zambia
  • Global Health Partnerships
  • Health information, social interaction and radio
  • Health worker retention scheme
  • Homosexuality
  • How can HIFA-Zambia be improved to meet your needs?
  • Irrational prescribing of antibiotics in Zambia
  • Leadership
  • Linking with Healthcare Institutions in Livingstone
  • Living with HIV but Dying from Cervical Cancer
  • Measles vaccination in children with compromised
  • Medical Journal of Zambia
  • Men, women and culture
  • Non-pneumatic Anti-shock Garment for postpartum haemorrhage
  • Salt intake and heart disease
  • Short-term visits by health professionals
  • Smoking ban?
  • The role of the UK Zambian diaspora
  • The Virtual Doctor Project Goes Live in Zambia
  • Training of Traditional Birth Attendants- Zambia
  • Upgrade training and text books for nurses
  • Use of mobile phones for health in Zambia
  • Uses for mosquito nets
  • Zambia Ministry of Health website
  • HIFA networks in other countries

    HIFA-Zambia is the first country-level e-mail network associated with HIFA2015. HIFA2015 aims to adapt and replicate the approach in other countries.

    Zambia UK Health Workforce Alliance

    The Zambia UK Health Workforce Alliance is a growing network of Zambian-based and UK-based organisations. They work together to promote and improve the coordination and impact of Zambia-UK joint work in health. The Alliance’s aim is to support the Government of the Republic of Zambia to implement its plans to increase and develop its health workforce and its health systems.  The Alliance was launched in 11th June 2009 in London, UK. There over 40 member organisations.

    For further information please contact Neil Pakenham-Walsh.

    Vanessa Halipi, Coordinator, HIFA-Zambia
    Neil Pakenham-Walsh, Coordinator, HIFA2015

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    “We are particularly grateful for links made through HIFA-Zambia, with Dr. Emmanuel Makasa, Counsellor-Health: Permanent Mission of the Republic Zambia to the UN at Geneva and Vienna, who has put us in touch with the top Zambian emergency care specialists to help progress the project on the ground. Thank you Neil, thank you Dr. Makasa and Zambian emergency care contacts, Dr. Muhumpu Kafwamfwa
    (Deputy Head of Mobile and Emergency Health Services, Ministry of Health) and Dr. Fabian Kabulubulu (CEO of the Zambian Flying Doctor Service). We are very grateful.” Jo Vallis, Coordinator of Friends of Chitambo Hospital, Zambia, 22 April 2016

    “I follow all the emails I receive through HIFA-Zambia with keen interest and would like to thank you for all your hard work keeping us up to speed on developments in healthcare in Zambia. It is a very important step forward linking everyone’s efforts together.”

    Gavin McColl, On Call Africa, UK

    “I would like to sincerely extend my heartfelt thanks to HIFA-Zambia, Mr Andrew Walker and Mrs Glenda Mulenga Sight Savers of Zambia for the overwhelming service that happened in less than two weeks. Through Mr Andrew Walker emailing HIFA members about the twinning of Swindon and Livingstone, Mrs Glenda Mulenga initiated the cordination of sight activities in our area in Mpongwe through the Ndola hub at Ndola Central Hospital. The Ndola team travelled to Mumba Day care centre in Mpongwe which is over 100 kilometers on Tuesday the 8th of May I am pleased to say 98 people were examined, several had eye infections, sight challenges and 5 with more serious eye problems were taken to Ndola central hospital on Tuesday itself, were operated on on Wednesday, rested on Thursday and were driven back to Mpongwe with sight restored and medication supplied!”
    Hildah Mulenga, National Director, Mumba Children’s Project and Mumba Day Care Centre, Mpongwe, Zambia

    “I really like the forum – its such a fantastic resource and there are so many topics there relevant to the work of On Call Africa.”
    Malcolm Spence, Vice Chairman of On Call Africa

    “Thank you HIFA-Zambia, you are enriching my life with wonderful contacts!”
    Jo Vallis, NHS Education Scotland

    Growth of HIFA-Zambia Forum 2011-14