A global email discussion forum to support Evidence-Informed Policy Making for All

HIFA-EVIPNet-Français est un forum international en collaboration avec l’Organisation Mondiale de la Santé pour l’ensemble des pays francophones permettant de soutenir, promouvoir et renforcer la prise de décision reposant sur des bases factuelles et ainsi faciliter l’amélioration de la formulation des politiques de santé en permettant des échanges et discussions entre les différentes parties prenantes de la santé publique. Il est basé sur le réseau de l’information en santé pour tous (HIFA) et sur le réseau de l’Organisation Mondiale de la Santé sur la prise de décision reposant sur des bases factuelles, appelé EVIPNet www.who.int/evipnet.

Interviews with WHO experts and monthly topics

In October 2014, HIFA-EVIPNet-French started a series of interviews with WHO experts, introducing high-priority topics for discussion on the forum. Topics have included:
- Knowledge management and sharing
- Ethics
- Patient Safety and Ebola.

For more information, including syntheses of discussions and a 3-year plan of topics (2014-2017), please see the WHO website here.

Who manages and coordinates HIFA-EVIPNet-French?

HIFA-EVIPNet-French is a collaboration of two programmes:
• HIFA (Health Information For All) is a programme administered by the Global Healthcare Information Network, a UK-based non-profit organisation.
• EVIPNet (Evidence-Informed Policy Network) is a programme launched by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the ministries of health in several African, Asian and American countries to promote the use of scientific evidence in health policy formulation: www.who.int/rpc/evipnet and www.evipnet.org (EVIPNet Portal)

Why do we need a global forum about evidence-informed policy making?

Evidence-informed policy making is vital to facilitate the use of research evidence and influence decision making to improve the health of populations and individuals.

HIFA-EVIPNet-French brings together policymakers, researchers, health professionals and citizens worldwide to explore the information needs of policymakers and how these needs can be addressed more effectively, thereby improving the policymaking process and its impact on public health. HIFA-EVIPNet-French focuses on health policymaking in French-speaking African countries.

What are the benefits of participation?

• share lessons learned in knowledge translation for policymaking
• raise awareness about your work and your research
• learn from others about new tools, methodologies, experiences, and practices
• consult with others to help meet your policymaking challenges.

What are the expected outputs?

Increase awareness and sharing (lessons learned, practices) about evidence informed policy making through :

• HIFA-EVIPNet-French community: A dynamic network of policymakers, researchers, health professionals and citizens worldwide. The network uses a proven facilitation approach called Reader Focused Moderation to ensure maximum value for all members.
• HIFA-EVIPNet-French knowledge base: A unique resource that harnesses the experience of the HIFA-EVIPNet community for use by all.
• HIFA-EVIPNet-French advocacy programme: Promoting commitment to evidence-based policymaking worldwide.

HIFA-EVIPNet-French is part of HIFA Global Forums.

Join HIFA-EVIPNet-Français

To join, please email your name, job title, organisation, country of residence, and brief description of professional interests to:

Evidence Informed Health Policy in Low and Middle Income Countries: An International Forum in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – 2012. Small group session report – Engaging francophone communities through networking

“Tout d’abord merci pour le Forum HIFA-EVIPNET-Fr! C’est un réel plaisir de lire quotidiennement les échanges avec les collègues des pays. C’est à la fois intéressant et stimulant pour notre réflexion individuelle. Merci mille fois!”
Dr Kamel Senouci, WHO, Switzerland, December 2014

WHO’s Evidence Informed Policy Network (EVIPNet) aims to build capacity at local levels to synthesize evidence into policy briefs, facilitate shared learning at national level forums, and to mobilize global support from funders, researchers and knowledge translation experts [...] [HIFA-EVIPNet-Fr] represents one of five initiatives in the ‘Health Information For All’ (HIFA), which now has more than 13,000 members from more than 2000 organizations and 170 countries.”
Willis CD et al (2012). Strengthening health systems through networks: the need for measurement and feedback. Health Policy and Planning, 27(suppl 4), iv62-iv66

Find out more about HIFA-EVIPNet-French and the Evidence-Informed Policy Network at the World Health Organization

The 2013 Report on HIFA-EVIPNet-French is now available on the WHO website here

We are delighted to be collaborating with the World Health Organization on HIFA-EVIPNet-French and extend our congratulations to Isabelle Wachsmuth-Huguet for her able stewardship of this vital and thriving discussion forum.

Growth of HIFA-EVIPNet-French 2010-14