CHILD2015 thematic discussion: Protecting children from child abuse

7th October 2013

The International Child Health Group is supporting a thematic discussion on CHILD2015 email discussion forum, on the subject of protecting children from child abuse. The discussion started on 4th October and will continue through to 4th November. Please join us! We are exploring the following questions:

1. Please can you share any case studies from your clinical experience, of children who have suffered abuse? What was the background to the abuse? What form did the abuse take? How was it detected? How was the situation managed? (please anonymise contributions)

2. For those who have worked in different countries (or in different areas of the same country), what are the similarities and differences in patterns of child abuse that you have observed?

3. What more can be done to prevent and manage child abuse in your country and worldwide?

The messages will be summarised and presented at the ICHG Winter Meeting in London: Protecting Children: A Global Perspective.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank ICHG for sponsoring this discussion. Sponsorship of CHILD2015 discussions is a vital means for us to secure modest funding to support CHILD2015 and related activities. If *your* organisation would be interested to sponsor a CHILD2015 discussion and/or webinar, on a topic of your choice, please contact the HIFA coordinator: