HIFA welcomes new Supporting Organisations from Croatia, DR Congo, USA

27th November 2012

The HIFA Steering Group is delighted to announce 4 new HIFA2015 Supporting Organisations in Croatia, Democratic Republic of Congo, and USA (2).

1. Agir Ensemble (DR Congo)
2. Croatian Nursing Informatics Association (CroNIA) (Croatia)
3. Human Health Project (USA)
4. YoungStroke (USA)

1. Agir Ensemble (DR Congo)

Agir Ensemble is a registered NGO, based in Goma, that aims to promote primary health care in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It was created in 2001 by young graduates from a range of disciplines.

2. Croatian Nursing Informatics Association (CroNIA) (Croatia)

‘Croatian Nursing Informatics Association (CroNIA) is established with main goal to promote nursing informatics and science development in Croatian and worldwide nursing and community. Organize training for all nurses with an interest in nursing informatics, publishing educational materials, books, CDs, DVDs from the field of nursing informatics.’

3. Human Health Project

‘For three years, Dr. Phil Harrington went from doctor to doctor and struggled to find a diagnosis for his own illness. Even with access to modern health care and a background in medicine, the answers were elusive, and the process was frustrating. For someone without the same access to health care, such as a patient in a developing nation, the challenge would have been even greater. This experience was telling of the lack of integration among the medical sciences and sparked the idea. The Human Health Project (HHP) began in California in 2006 as a non-profit 501(c) (3) organization, a social media platform for medical professionals to discuss medical cases. Since it beginning, Dr. Harrington along with the volunteers, and donors have worked to make Human Health Project a reality. An organization dedicated to making health care information/options available and affordable.

4. YoungStroke (USA)

‘YoungStroke, Inc. works to change the way we view stroke. It provides community-based education programs to enhance awareness about the increasing prevalence of stroke among those under the age of 65. Program audiences include healthcare professionals, health ministry leaders, community service providers, caregivers, survivors and the public. Research initiatives measure caregiver and survivor satisfaction with community services and social support.’

164 organisations worldwide have now officially declared their commitment to the HIFA2015 goal:

20 of these 164 Supporting Organisations have also generously provided a voluntary financial contribution to HIFA2015 in 2012. The names of these Financial Supporting Organisations are included on the HIFA home page, and on the footer of every message that is sent on HIFA2015. Their contributions range from £50 (75 US dollars) to £1000 ($1500 US dollars).

This is in addition to our main funder, the British Medical Association, which provided £10,000 for our work in 2012. This enables us to maintain the five HIFA Forums (with help from volunteers) but we urgently need additional funding to develop

the forum to its full potential, and to enable us to implement the 3 components of the HIFA Strategy in full (Forums, Knowledge Base, and Advocacy Programme) as recommended by the External Evaluation Report, September 2011.

If the goals of YOUR organisation align with the HIFA2015 goal, please join us!
- HIFA2015 Supporting Organisations are under no obligation to provide financial support
- HIFA2015 Supporting Organisations are promoted on HIFA2015 publications and website
- HIFA2015 Supporting Organisations are invited to sponsor HIFA2015 webinars in the HIFA2015 Virtual Room (please contact us to explore options).

To become a HIFA2015 Supporting Organisation, please download an application form from our home page: www.hifa2015.org

With many thanks,

Dr Neil Pakenham-Walsh
Coordinator, HIFA2015

On behalf of the HIFA2015 Steering Group